EXPOSING my $10K/day dropshipping product that I sold in May

Sebastian shared his product and how he scaled to $10K/day in this thread

First, the offer.

On TikTok, lots of people are selling products for too much money and struggling to make sales.

The product MUST be solving a problem if you are selling it for a high price.

This was not the case with my product.

It was cheap so we did an UNREAL offer instead.

$3 plus $7 minimum for shipping.

Seems weird but I got the product for $3.20 shipped.

So selling it for this price was simple. Just get really cheap ad costs.

How? The unreal offer.

Selling a product, oh the product was the swinging duck car accessory.

Surprise… Selling this and then saying “only $3!” in the video forces so much traffic to our site because the offer was a no brainer.

Everyone can afford to spend $3 on a cute little swinging duck.

How did I run ads?

Nothing crazy I just did a $50/day CBO with 4 ad groups.

All broad and surfed budgets on this campaign as it kept performing.

Surfing is just upping budget same day as long as it keeps working.

I did this and then as soon as I started getting cheap CPAs I launched a ton more campaigns with the same structure but tested target cost and other stuff.

If something worked, I surfed it.

This is how on day 3 we hit $10K in a single day in sales.

20% profit margins.

Not too hard, but the product was untapped so that is why it was very easy.

This product soon after became competitive and ads became unprofitable which is why I stopped selling it.

Was a fun little pump & dump product.

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